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 When the Korean War began, the U.S. 2nd Infantry Division was stationed at Fort Lewis, Washington. Within days the division received orders to deploy and advance units arrived in Korea on 3 August 1950 but the entire division was not in Korea until late in August 1950. When the division became operational, it became part of the newly-arrived U.S. IX-Corps. During the next three years the division fought well but in late November 1950 it was so badly at Kuni-ri, North Korea — where it was cut off by Chinese Communist Forces (CCF) and had to fight its way out of the trap down a single, narrow road — that it became combat ineffective. Quickly rebuilt and reinforced with the newly arrived Netherlands Infantry, French Infantry and Belgian Infantry Battalions, it moved back into the Central Sector front lines 23 December 1950. Six weeks later in early February 1951, it blunted, then stopped, a major CCF attack at the town of Chipyong-ni, South Korea.

The 2nd Infantry Division consisted of:

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