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With the end of World War Two, the 7th Infantry Division was assigned occupation duty in Korea. This lasted until 1948 when the division was withdrawn from Korea in increments and assumed occupation duty on the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido. The final 7th Infantry Division unit officially left Korea on 31 December 1948. When war broke in Korea, the division initially was kept in Japan as Far East Command General Reserve and men from the unit were used fill under-strength units already in Korea. Plans changed with planning for the Inchon Invasion and the 7th Infantry Division became part of newly-formed X-Corps. To fill its now-empty ranks, South Korean troops — called KATUSA for "Korean Army Troops (with) United States Army — were brought to man the division’s empty spaces. The 7th Division remained in Korea until it was deactived in 1971.

The division consisted of:

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