(Comprehensive but not complete -- 95-97% of units listed)

Army Security Agency Units

50th Signal Service Detachment
60th Army Security Company
60th Signal Service Company
126th Signal Service Company
226th Signal Service Company
301st Communications Reconnaissance Battalion
303rd Communications Reconnaissance Battalion
304th Communications Reconnaissance Company
326th Communications Reconnaissance Company
329th Communications Reconnaissance Company
330th Communications Reconnaissance Company
352nd Communications Reconnaissance Company
501st Army Security Communications Reconnaissance Group
8610 AU - ASA Field Station
Signal Service Battalion, 8189th Army Unit

Artillery Units

1st Cavalry Div Artillery Headquarters
1st Field Artillery Battalion
1st Field Artillery Observation Battalion
2nd Division Artillery Headquarters
2nd Field Artillery Observation Battalion
2nd Rocket Field Artillery Battery
3rd Divison Artillery Headquarters
5th Field Artillery Group
5th Field Artillery Headquaters
7th Div Artillery Headquarters
8th Field Artillery Battalion (105mm)
9th Field Artillery Battalion (155mm)
10th Field Artillery Battalion (105mm)
11th Field Artillery Battalion (155mm)
12th Field Artillery Battalion (155mm)
13th Field Artillery Battalion (105mm)
15th Field Artillery Battalion (105mm)
17th Field Artillery Battalion (8")
17th Field Artillery Battalion (155mm)
24th Division Artillery Headquarters
24th Division Artillery Air Section
25th Division Artillery Headquarters
31st Field Artillery Battalion (155mm)
37th Field Artillery Battalion (105mm)
38th Field Artillery Battalion (105mm)
39th Field Artillery Battalion (105mm)
40th Division Artillery Headquarters
45th Division Field Artillery Headquarters
48th Field Artillery Battalion (105mm)
49th Field Artillery Battalion (105mm)
52nd Field Artillery Battalion (105mm)
57th Field Artillery Battalion (105mm)
58th Field Artillery Battalion (105mm)
61st Field Artillery Battalion (105mm)
61st Field Artillery Observation Battalion
63rd Field Artillery Battalion (105mm)
64th Field Artillery Battalion (105mm)
69th Field Artillery Battalion (105mm)
75th Armored Field Artillery Battalion (155mm)
77th Field Artillery Battalion (105mm)
82nd Field Artillery Battalion (155mm)
90th Field Artillery Battalion (155mm)
92nd Armored Field Artillery Battalion (155mm)
92nd Field Artillery Observation Battalion
143rd Field Artillery Battalion (105mm)
145th Field Artillery Battalion (155mm)
147th Field Artillery Battalion
158th Field Artillery Battalion (105mm)
159th Field Artillery Battalion (105mm)
160th Field Artillery Battalion (105mm)
171st Field Artillery Battalion (105mm)
176th Field Artillery Battalion (105mm Armored)
179th Field Artillery Battalion
180th Field Artillery Battalion (155mm)
187th Field Artillery Observation Battalion
189th Field Artillery Battalion (105mm)
196th Field Artillery Battalion (155mm)
204th Field Artillery Battalion (155mm)
213th Armored Field Artillery Battalion (155mm)
235th Field Artillery Observation Battalion
300th Armored Field Artillery Battalion (105mm Self Propelled)
424th Field Artillery Battalion (8")
503rd Field Artillery Battalion (155mm )
623rd Field Artillery Battalion (155mm)
625th Field Artillery Battalion (105mm)
780th Field Artillery Battalion (8")
936th Armored Field Artillery Battalion (155mm)
937th Field Artillery Battalion (155mm)
953rd Field Artillery Battalion (155mm)
955th Field Artillery Battalion (155mm)
96th Armored Field Artillery Battalion (155mm)
980th Field Artillery Battalion (105mm)
981st Field Artillery Battalion (155mm)
987th Armored Field Artillery Battalion (105mm)
987th Field Artillery Battalion (8" Self Propelled)
999th Armored Field Artillery Battalion (155mm)
99th Field Artillery Battalion (105mm)
8219 Artillery Topo Map Service

Artillery, Regimentat Combat Team

555th Field Artillery Bn (105MM) (The Triple Nickel)
674th Field Artillery Bn (105MM) 187th RCT

Artillery Antiaircraft

2nd Division Antiaircraft Artillery AW Battery
3rd Antiaircraft Artillery AW Battery
15th Antiaircraft Artillery Bn ( SP)
15th Antiaircraft Artillery AW Battery
21st Antiaircraft Artillery AW Battery (SP)
22nd Antiaircraft Artillery Group
24th Antiaircraft Artillery Gun Bn
25th Antiaircraft Artillery AW Battery
26th Antiaircraft Artillery AW Bn (SP)
29th Antiaircraft Artillery AW Bn
37th Antiaircraft Artillery Bn (90MM)
50th Antiaircraft Artillery Bn (SP)
68th Antiaircraft Artillery Bn (90MM)
76th Antiaircraft Artillery Bn (SP)
78th Antiaircraft Artillery Gun Bn (90MM)
82nd Antiaircraft Artillery AW Bn
88th Antiaircraft Artillery Battery
92nd Antiaircraft Artillery AW Battery
97th Antiaircraft Artillery Bn (120MM)
140th Antiaircraft Artillery AW Battery
145th Antiaircraft Artillery AW Battery
213th Antiaircraft Artillery Gun Bn
216th Antiaircraft Artillery Group
227th Antiaircraft Artillery Group
259th Antiaircraft Artillery Bn
398th Antiaircraft Artillery AW Bn
502nd Antiaircraft Artillery Bn
507th Antiaircraft Artillery AW Bn - Mobile
739th Antiaircraft Artillery Gun Bn
773rd Antiaircraft Artillery Gun Bn
865th Antiaircraft Artillery Bn (SP)
933rd Antiaircraft Artillery Bn - Mobile
Artillery AAAOCS Detachment

Aviation Units

2nd Helicopter Detachment
3rd Light Aviation Section
3rd Helicopter Detachment
4th Helicopter Detachment
7th Infantry Division Aviation Co (P)
40th Infantry Division Aviation Co (P)
919th Aviation Maintenance Company
8085th Army Aviation Unit
8192nd Helicopter Detachment
8193rd Helicopter Detachment


1st Cavalry Division Band
2nd Infantry Division Band
3rd Infantry Division Band
7th Infantry Division Band
24th Infantry Division Band
25th Infantry Division Band

Base Post Offices

1st Base Post Office

Chemical Units

21st Chemical Decontamination Company
25th Chemical Decontamination Company
2nd Chemical Mortar Battalion
388th Chemical Smoke Generation Company
4th Chemical Battalion
68th Chemical Smoke Generation Company
69th Chemical Smoke Generation Company
71st Chemical Smoke Generation Company
95th Chemical Service Company

Communications units, Miscellaneous

51st Radio Company
8035th Communications - 8035th Army Unit
8036th Communications - 8036th Army Unit
8052nd Communications - 8052nd Army Unit
8075th Theater HQ - Radio Relay - 8075th Army Unit
American Forces Korea Network, 8214th Army Unit
GHQ Long Lines, 8226th Army Unit

Criminal Investigation Detachments

21st Criminal Investigation Detachment
2nd Criminal Investigation Division

Depot Units

89th Army Depot
168th Army Depot
169th Army Depot
8001st Army Depot
8056th Army Depot
8078th Army Depot
8089th Army Depot
8169th Army Depot


1st Cavalry Division
2nd Infantry Division
3rd Infantry Division
7th Infantry Division
24th Infantry Division
25th Infantry Division
40th Infantry Division
45th Infantry Division

Engineer Units

2nd Engineer Battalion, Combat
2nd Engineer Special Brigade
2nd Engineer Shore Regiment (Boat)
2nd Engineer Group
3rd Engineer Battalion, Combat
8th Engineer Battalion, Combat
8th Army Engineer Group, Construction
10th Engineer Battalion, Combat
11th Engineer Battalion, Combat
13th Engineer Battalion, Combat
14th Engineer Battalion, Combat
19th Engineer Battalion, Combat
24th Engineer Group
32nd Engineer Group, Combat
35th Engineer Battalion, Combat
36th Engineer Group, Combat
42nd Engineer Battalion, Construction
43rd Engineer Battalion, Construction
44th Engineer Battalion, Construction
45th Engineer Group
54th Engineer Field Maintenance Company
55th Engineer Treadway Bridge Company
58th Engineer Treadway Bridge Co
60th Engineer Bridge Company
61st Engineer Searchlight Company
62th Engineer Construction Battalion
62nd Engineer Topographic Company
64th Engineer Topographic Battalion
65th Engineer Battalion, Combat
72nd Engineer Company, Combat
72nd Engineer Detachment
73rd Engineer Construction Bn
74th Engineer Battalion
74th Engineer Heavy Equipment Company
76th Engineer Construction Battalion
76th Engineer Dump Truck Company
77th Engineer Construction Company
78th Engineer Battalion Combat
79th Engineer Battalion, Construction
81st Engineer Battalion, Combat
82nd Engineer Pipeline Company
84th Engineer Battalion, Construction
86th Engineer Searchlight Company
91st Engineer Water Company
92nd Engineer Searchlight Company
98th Engineer Photographic Company
109th Engineer Battalion, Combat
116th Engineer Battalion, Combat
120th Engineer Battalion, Combat
127th Engineer Battalion, Combat
138th Engineer Pontoon Bridge Company
151st Engineer Battalion, Combat
185th Engineer Battalion, Combat
194th Engineer Battalion, Combat
200th Engineer Company, Combat
231st Engineer Battalion, Combat
2998th Engineer Treadway Bridge Company
313th Engineer Explosive Disposal Company
323rd Engineer Company, Light
341st Engineer Panel Bridge Company
369th Engineer Boat Maintenance Co
378th Engineer Battalion, Combat
388th Engineers Pipeline Company
412th Engineer Battalion, Construction
430th Engineer Battalion, Construction
434th Engineer Battalion, Construction
439th Engineer Battalion, Construction
453rd Engineer Battalion, Construction
477th Engineer Battalion, Combat
485th Engineer Dump Truck Company
512nd Engineer Dump Truck Company
526th Engineer Panel Bridge Company
532nd Engineer Shore Regiment (Boat)
533rd Engineer Technical Intelligence Detachment
536th Engineer Maintenance Company
538th Engineer Maintenance Company 
548th Engineer Battalion
557th Engineer Technical Intelligence Detachment
562nd Engineer Shore Regiment (Boat)
567th Engineer Service Company
570th Engineer Water Company
571st Engineer Dump Truck Company
573rd Engineer Pontoon Bridge Company
578th Engineer Battalion, Combat
595th Engineer Dump Truck Company
633rd Engineer Company, Light Equipment
700th Engineer Pipeline Company
712nd Engineer Bridge Company
984th Engineer Field Maintenance Co.
1092nd Engineer Battalion, Combat
1169th Engineer Group
1279th Engineer Battalion, Combat
1343rd Engineer Battalion
1437th Engineer Treadway Bridge Co
1438th Engineer Treadway Bridge Co

Headquarters Units, Miscellaneous

25th Machine Records Unit
97th Machine Records Unit
8022nd Army Unit
8076th Army Unit
8077th Army Unit
8086th Army Unit -- 8th Army G-3 Miscellaneous Group (later AFFE Historical Section)
8104th Army Unit
8202nd Army Unit -- Korean Military Advisory Group
8227th Army Unit -- GHQ Raider Company
8232nd Army Unit (FECOM Aerial Delivery)
8233rd Army Unit -- FECOM Honor Guard - Tokyo
8234th Army Unit - 8th Army Finance
8249th Army Unit
8668th Army Unit
Eighth Army Headquarters
I Corps Headquarters and HQ & HQ Co
IX Corps HQ and HQ & HQ Co
Korean Communications Zone (KCOMZ) Headquarters
United Nations Headquarters
X Corps HQ and HQ & HQ Co
UN Command Military Armistice Commission -- UNMAC

Heavy Mortar Units

461st Infantry Battalion - Heavy Mortars

Infantry - Regimental Combat Teams

187th Airborne Regimental Combat Team
5th Regiment Combat Team

Infantry Regiments

5th Cavalry Regiment
7th Cavalry Regiment
7th Infantry Regiment
8th Cavalry Regiment
9th Infantry Regiment
14th Infantry Regiment
15th Infantry Regiment
17th Infantry Regiment
19th Infantry Regiment
21st Infantry Regiment
23rd Infantry Regiment
24th Infantry Regiment
27th Infantry Regiment
29th Infantry Regiment
31st Infantry Regiment
32nd Infantry Regiment
34th Infantry Regiment
35th Infantry Regiment
38th Infantry Regiment
65th Infantry Regiment
160th Infantry Regiment
179th Infantry Regiment
180th Infantry Regiment
223rd Infantry Regiment
224th Infantry Regiment
279th Infantry Regiment

Installation Support Units

243rd Station Company
8014th Station Company
8017th Station Company
8023rd Station Company
8025th Station Company
8050th Station Company
8051st Station Company
8058th Station Company


KMAG - Korean Military Advisory Group, 8202nd Army Unit

Logistical Command

2nd Logistical Command
3rd Logistical Command

Map Services

8038th Map Service
8221st Map Service


1st Mobile Army Surgical Hospital
1st Cav Division Medical Clearing Company
2nd Medical Battalion
2nd Mobile Army Surgical Hospital
3rd Field Hospital, Pusan (3rd Medical Battalion)
4th Field Hospital, Taegu (4th Medical Battalion)
6th Medical Depot - Army
7th Medical Battalion
10th Hospital Station
11th Medical Evacuation Hospital
15th Medical Battalion
21st Medical Evacuation Hospital (21st Medical Battalion)
22nd Medical Evacuation Hospital (10th Station Hospital)
24th Medical Battalion
25th Medical Evacuation Hospital (25th Medical Battalion)
35th Station Hospital (Kyoto, Japan)
37th Medical Company
44th Surgical Hospital
45th Evacuation Hospital
46th Surgical Hospital
47th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital
48th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital
52nd Medical Battalion
60th Medical Depot - Pusan
64th Field Hospital
115th Medical Battalion
120th Medical Company
121st Medical Evacuation Hospital
163rd Medical Battalion
166th Medical Company
172nd Station Hospital
180th Medical Company
212th Medical Detachment (52 Medical Battalion )
217th Medical Collection Company
223rd Medical Company (223rd Infantry Regiment)
232nd Medical Battalion
279th General Hospital
382nd Gen. Hospital - Kanoaka Japan
406th Medical General Laboratory
421st Collection Company
514th Clearing Company
559th Ambulance Company
560th Ambulance Company
567th Ambulance Company
568th Ambulance Company
584th Ambulance Company
618th Medical Clearing Company
629th Medical Clearing Company
804th Station Hospital
915th Ambulance Company
8054th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital
8055th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital
8063rd Mobile Army Surgical Hospital - (First MASH in Korea)
8076th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital
8167th Army Hospital, Tokyo
8209th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital
8225th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital
8228th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital

Military Intelligence

2nd Military Intelligence Company (CIC)
45th Military Intelligence Detachment (CIC)
163rd Military Intelligence Detachment - Service
181st Military Intelligence Detachment (CIC)
191st Military Intelligence Detachment (CIC)
308th Military Intelligence Detachment (CIC) (later - Battalion)
368 Military Intelligence Bn
441st Military Intelligence Detachment (CIC)
442nd Military Intelligence Detachment (CIC)
507th Military Intelligence Platoon - Service
524 Military Intelligence Battalion
528th Military Intelligence Platoon - Service (later battalion, MI)
8244th Military Intelligence Detachment

Military Police Units

2nd Military Police Company (2nd Division )
3rd Military Police Company (3rd Division)
7th Military Police Company (7th Division)
8th Military Police Company
20th Criminal Investigation Detachment
23rd MP Criminal Investigation Detachment
24th Military Police Company (24th Division)
25th Military Police Company (25th Division)
40th Military Police Company (40th Division)
45th Military Police Company (45th Division)
55th Military Police Company
57th Military Police Company
58th Military Police Company
59th Military Police Company
88th Military Police Company
92nd Military Police Battalion
93rd Military Police Battalion
95th Military Police Battalion
96th Military Police Battalion
212th Military Police Company
289th Military Police Company
512th Military Police Company
519th Military Police Battalion
545th Military Police Company
552nd Military Police Company
555th Military Police Company
558th Military Police Company
560th Military Police Company
561st Military Police Service Company
565th Military Police Service Company
595th Military Police Escort Company
622nd Military Police Company
710th Military Police Company
720th Military Police Battalion
728th Military Police Battalion
772nd Military Police Battalion
8044th Military Police Detachment
8070th Military Police Detachment
8137th Military Police Detachment
8210th Military Police Detachment
X Corps Military Police Company

Miscellaneous Army Units

8046th Army Unit
8066th Army Unit
8073rd Army Unit
8077th Army Unit
8097th Army Unit -- Positive Intelligence Operations
8098th Army Unit
8112th Army Unit -- Crash & Rescue, Sokch'o-ri (Intelligence Operations)
8137th Army Unit
8157th Army Unit -- Aerial and Seaborne Intelligence Operations
8201st Army Unit (KCAC-UNCACK)
8203rd Army Unit
8212th Army Unit
8222nd Army Unit
8224th Army Unit
8240th Army Unit -- United Nations Partisan Force, Korea
8241st Army Unit -- Joint Assistance Command, Korea (CIA)
8242nd Army Unit -- Combined Command Reconnaissance Activities, Korea (CCRAK)
8245th Army Unit -- X Corps Raider Company


1st Ordnance Company, Medium Maintenance
2nd Ordnance Company, Medium Maintenance
2nd Bomb Disposal Detachment
3rd Bomb Disposal Detachment
4th Ordnance Battalion
5th Ordnance Company, Medium Maintenance
7th Ordnance Company, Medium Maintenance
8th Explosive Ordnance Disposal Squad
9th Explosive Ordnance Disposal Squad
13th Ordnance Company, Medium Maintenance
14th Explosive Ordnance Disposal Squad
15th Explosive Ordnance Disposal Squad
17th Ordnance Company, Medium Maintenance
19th Ordnance Company, Medium Maintenance
21st Ordnance Company, Medium Maintenance
21st Explosive Ordnance Disposal Squad
22nd Explosive Ordnance Disposal Squad
24th Ordnance Company
24th Explosive Ordnance Disposal Control Detachment
25th Ordnance Company
25th Explosive Ordnance Disposal Squad
27th Ordnance Company, Medium Maintenance
30th Ordnance Battalion
30th Aviation Ordnance Maintenance Company
31st Ordnance Company, Medium Maintenance
32nd Ordnance Battalion
34th Ordnance Depot Company
38th Ordnance Company, Medium Maintenance
41st Ordnance Company, Medium Maintenance
44th Ordnance Depot Company
52nd Ordnance Ammunition Battalion
55th Ordnance Ammunition Company
57th Ordnance Recovery Company
58th Ordnance Ammunition Company
59th Ordnance Group (8th Army)
60th Ordnance Group
65th Ordnance Ammunition Company
66th Ordnance Battalion
67th Ordnance Recovery Company
69th Ordnance Ammunition Company
82nd Ordnance Company, Heavy Maintenance
82nd Aviation Ordnance Maintenance Company
91st Ordnance Company
98th Explosive Ordnance Disposal Squad
106th Ordnance Company, Heavy Maintenance
107th Ordnance Company, Medium Maintenance
161st Ordnance Depot Company
226th Ordnance Base Depot
229th Ordnance Base Depot
295th Ordnance Company
301st Ordnance Company, Heavy Maintenance
314th Ordnance Group
328th Ordnance Battalion
330th Ordnance Depot Company
335th Ordnance Battalion
363rd Ordnance Ammunition Company
461st Ordnance Ammunition Company
475th Ordnance Depot
502nd Ordnance Depot Platoon
508th Ordnance Detachment
512th Ordnance HAM Company
515th Ordnance Company, Medium Maintenance
518th Ordnance Company, Medium Maintenance
533rd Ordnance Reclamation and Classification Company
545th Ordnance Medium Maintenance Company
568th Ordnance Company, Heavy Maintenance
570th Ordnance Company, Medium Maintenance
583rd Ordnance Reclamation and Maintenance Company
619th Ordnance Ammunition Company
630th Ordnance Ammunition Company
636th Ordnance Ammunition Company
696th Ordnance Ammunition Company
700th Ordnance Maintenance Company
702nd Ordnance Maintenance Company
703rd Ordnance Maintenance Company
707th Ordnance Maintenance Company
724th Ordnance Maintenance Company
725th Ordnance Maintenance Company
740th Ordnance Company
823rd Ordnance Depot Company
833rd Ordnance Depot Company
858th Ordnance Ammunition Company
920th Ordnance Detachment
930th Ordnance Ammunition Company
8123rd Ordnance Maintenance Company

Photographic Units

4th Aerial Photographic Detachment

Port Units

8057th Army Unit
8247th Army Unit


8044th Prison Detachment
Koje-do Prison POW Camp

Psychological Warfare Units

1st Loudspeaker and Leaflet Co
4th Radio Broadcasting and Leaflet Co

Publication Services

8234th Publication Service

Quartermaster Units

2nd QM Company (2nd Div.)
3rd QM Company (3rd Div.)
7th QM Company (7th Div.)
15th QM Company (1st Cav. Div.)
20th QM Support Company
23rd QM Group
24th QM Company (24th Division)
25th QM Platoon (Graves Registration)
25th QM Company (25th Division)
32nd QM Group
40th QM Company (40th Division)
45th QM Company (45th Division)
55th QM Depot - Pusan
58th QM Salvage Company
98th QM Service Bn
108th QM Mobile Bakery Company
114th QM Company (Graves Registration)
142nd QM Company
148th QM Company (Graves Registration )
287th QM Mobile Refrigeration Co
293rd QM Co - Graves Registration
297th QM CLO & Supply Depot Co
443rd QM Battalion
473rd QM Supply Company
491st Quartermaster Petroleum Depot
505th QM Reclamation Company
511th QM Service Company
527th QM Service Company
530th QM Service Company
539th QM Detachment
545th QM Service Company
549th QM Laundry Company
565th QM Company (Graves Registration)
615th QM Depot Company
744th QM Laundry Detachment
790th QM Reclamation & Maintenance Company
819th QM Bath Company
821st QM Bath Company
849th QM Detachment
961st QM Service Company
972nd QM Laundry Company
8055th QM Company (Graves Registration)

Raider Units

X Corps Raider Company, 8245th AU (Originally GHQ Raider Company, 8227th Army Unit)

Ranger Units

1st Ranger Infantry Company, Airborne
2nd Ranger Infantry Company, Airborne
3rd Ranger Infantry Company, Airborne
4th Ranger Infantry Company, Airborne
5th Ranger Infantry Company, Airborne
7th Ranger Infantry Company, Airborne
8th Ranger Infantry Company, Airborne
8th Army Ranger Company (8213th Army Unit)

Reconnaissance Units

2nd Armored Reconnaissance Company
3rd Armored Reconnaissance Company
7th Armored Reconnaissance Company
16th Armored Reconnaissance Company
24th Armored Reconnaissance Company
25th Armored Reconnaissance Company
40th Armored Reconnaissance Company
45th Armored Reconnaissance Company
140th Armored Reconnaissance Company
502nd Reconnaissance Platoon
503rd Reconnaissance Platoon
8066th Reconnaissance Platoon

Replacement Units

2nd Replacement Company
15th Replacement Company
24th Replacement Company
25th Replacement Company
38th Replacement Company
52nd Replacement Company
8068th Replacement Depot
8069th Replacement Depot
8091st Replacement Depot
Scout Dog Units
26th Scout Dog Platoon

Signal Units

2nd Signal Company
3rd Signal Company
4th Signal Battalion
7th Signal Company
13th Signal Company
20th Signal Company (Air Ground Liaison )
22nd Signal Group
23rd Signal Construction Battalion
24th Signal Company
25th Signal Company
26th Signal Construction Battalion
40th Signal Company
45th Signal Company
51st Signal Battalion
55th Signal Repair Company
71st Signal Battalion
101st Signal Battalion
167th Signal Company, Photographic
205th Signal Repair Company
229th Signal Company
304th Signal Battalion
507th Signal Company
508th Signal Company
518th Signal Company (Radio Relay)
522nd Signal Construction Company
532nd Signal Construction Company
557th Signal Company (Radio Relay)
581st Signal Company (Radio Relay)
590th Signal Company
8053rd Army Unit (Radio Relay)
GHQ Long Lines Signal Group

Special Troops

77th HQ Special Troops
78th HQ Special Troops
8033rd Army Unit Special Troops
8086th Army Unit Special Troops
8100th Army Unit Special Troops
8204th HQ Special Troops
8207th HQ Special Troops

Tank Units

2nd Medium Tank Bn
4th Medium Tank Bn
6th Armored Cavalry Medium Tank Bn
6th Medium Tank Bn
7th Medium Tank Bn
9th Infantry Regiment Tank Co
14th Infantry Regiment Tank Co
16th Tank Bn
32nd Infantry Regiment Tank Co
38th Infantry Tank Company
60th Tank
64th Heavy Tank Bn
70th Armored Cavalry Medium Tank Bn
70th Medium Tank Bn
70th Heavy Tank Bn
71st Armored Cavalry Medium Tank Bn
72nd Medium Tank Bn
73rd Heavy Tank Bn
77th Medium Tank Bn
78th Medium Tank Bn
79th Medium Tank Bn
87th Medium Tank Bn
89th Medium Tank Bn
140th Medium Tank Bn
179th Tank Co - 179th Infantry Rgt
193rd Heavy Tank Bn
245th Medium Tank Bn
279th Infantry Regiment Tank Co
3364th Medium Tank Bn

Transient & Training Centers

91st Training Center
8095th Training Center
8206th Training Center
8212nd Transient Reception Center

Transportation Units

3rd Military Railway Service Battalion
3rd Transportation Amphibious Truck Co
3rd Transportation Marine Maintenance Detachment
7th Port Co
7th Major Port Battalion
7th Motor Transport Bn
13th Transportation Co
14th Port Battalion
2lst Medium Port Battalion - Inchon
21st Car Co
42nd Transportation Company
46th Truck Company
48th Transportation Traffic Detachment
49th Transportation Truck Co
54th Traffic Detachment
55th Transportation Battalion
60th Truck Co
70th Transportation Bn
73rd Truck Co 74th Truck Co
74th Transportation Company
95th Car Co
107th Truck Co
121st Truck Co
131st Truck Co
153rd Port Co
154th Port Co
155th Port Co
163rd Car Co
167th Truck Bn
231st Truck Bn
252nd Transportation Company
296th Truck Bn
298th Truck Bn Light
351st Highway Transportation Group
377th Truck Co
396th Transportation Company
407th Transportation Company
425th Transportation Traffic Detachment
501st Harbor Craft Co
505th Transportation Company
513rd Truck Co
514th Truck Co
515th Truck Co
531st Truck Co
534th Truck Co
536th Truck Co
539th Truck Co
540th Transportation Company
541st Transportation Company
551st Truck Co
553rd Traffic Detachment
556th Traffic Detachment
558th Amphibious Truck Co
558th Marine Maintenance Detachment
584th Truck Co
593rd Truck Company
665th Truck Co
712th Truck Co
712th Transportation Bn (Railway Operations)
714th Transportation Bn (Railway Operations)
715th Transportation Company
724th Transportation Bn (Railway Operations)
726th Truck Co
764th Railway Shop Bn
765th Car Co
765th Railway Shop Bn
863rd Port Transportation Co
866th Port Transportation Co
8082nd Motor Pool
8108th Motor Pool
8116th Transport Battalion
8138th AU Hospital Train

SCARWAF (Special Cateogry Army with Air Force)

417th Engineer Aviation Brigade
366th Engineer Aviation Bn
802nd Engineer Aviation Bn
808th Engineer Aviation Bn
809th Engineer Aviation Bn
811th Engineer Aviation Bn
822nd Engineer Aviation Bn
839th Engineer Aviation Bn
840th Engineer Aviation Bn
841st Engineer Aviation Bn
931st Engineer Aviation Bn
1891st Engineer Aviation Bn
1903rd Engineer Aviation Bn 440th
Signal Corps Aviation Bn 465th
Signal Corps Aviation Bn 467th
Signal Corps Aviation Bn

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