Included as one of the US Forces located in Korea during the Korean War was the US Coast Guard. Two units located in Korea were a contingent of Personnel who were initially a training group that provided training to a Korean Maritime agency established to maintain Navigation Aids (lights, beacons, buoys and waterway markers), patrol of the coastal waters and Marine Inspection (enforcement of maritime laws, inspection of merchant ships and fishing vessels). 

Also in 1952 the Coast Guard established a Long Range Aid to Navigation (LORAN) radio station near K9 (Huende). The station was manned by some 25 Coast Guard personnel (one officer, the balance were enlisted). The unit was designated as ELMO4 and was under command of the USCG Far East Section Japan. The unit received logistic support form the USAF 17th Bomb Wing support units at K9. 

This unit remained in operation in Korea until the late 1960's when it was turned over to the S. Korean government. The mission of the ELMO4 was to provide LORAN signal coverage over the entire Korean peninsula and out to the Sea of Japan and Yellow Sea. The LORAN signal provided to ships and aircraft operating in the Korean theater a reliable and accurate means of Navigation that was continuously available in all weather conditions 24 hours a day every day. The establishment and operation of LORAN stations worldwide was established as a Coast Guard function starting in WWII and continues to this day.

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