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When the Korean War began the Danish government decided to furnish a fully-equipped and staffed hospital ship as its contribution to the U.N. effort so in July 1950 ordered the conversion of the 8,500 ton Motor Vessel JUTLANDIA to fill this requirement.

Conversion of JUTLANDIA, originally built at Nakskov Shipyard in 1934, was completed at the same shipyard in three months. When finished the JUTLANDIA was a modern hospital ship with 300 beds, 3 operating theaters, a dental clinic, X-Ray facilities and staffed by a rapidly assembled, but very competent, medical staff.

The JUTLANDIA sailed from Copenhagen in September 1950, arriving at Pusan in October 1950 where it served basically as an evacuation hospital. (A facility providing treatment and temporary hospitalization until the patient could be moved to where they could receive long-term care.) Upon return to Denmark upon completion of its first tour in Korean waters it had a helicopter deck installed. Upon return to Korea for its second tour (dates of these unknown) it was anchored at Inch'on, close enough to the fighting front that wounded could be evacuated to the ship directly from battalion and regimental aid stations.

The JUTLANDIA returned to Denmark on October 16, 1953, following the end of hostilities.

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