(1st Mobile Army Surgical Hospital)

When North Korea invaded South Korea on June 25, 1950, TRYGVE HALDDAN LIE, a Norwegian, was Secretary General of the United Nations so it followed that when the United Nations asked its member states to assist South Korea Norway would help. This help came in the form of the 1st (Norwegian) Army Surgical Hospital, known as NORMASH.

Norway's parliament officially authorized NORMASH's dispatch to South Korea on February 2,1951 with the unit opening for business near the front lines on July 19, 1951. It was first was stationed at Uijongbu, then moved to Tonduchon and finally to Habongam-ri.

NORMASH stayed in Korea until November 10, 1954. It had a hospital staff of 59 and administrative staff of 47. Most members of these staffs rotated every two months so during its stay in Korea 623 Norwegians served with the unit. During its stay the medical staff performed over 9000 operations and treated approximately 90,000 personnel.

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