The Philippine Islands was among the first UN countries to send its forces to fight in Korea.

Throughout the war it contributed five 1,500-man Battalion Combat Teams (BCTs), which together constituted the Regimental Combat Team promised by the Philippine government to the United Nations in August 1950. Collectively known as the "Philippine Expeditionary Force to Korea or PEFTOK," these BCTs served in Korea from September 1950 to May 1955.

These BCTs, which were reinforced infantry battalions, generally consisted of three rifle companies backed by an artillery battery.  The exception was the 10th BCT (Motorized), whose Reconnaissance Company was equipped with M24 Chaffee light tanks.   The PEFTOK battalions were mainly attached to American divisions such as the US 25th Infantry, 3rd Infantry, 45th Infantry and the 1st Cavalry Division.

10th Battalion Combat Team (Motorized) Sep 50-Sep 51

20th Battalion Combat Team Apr 51-Apr 52

19th Battalion Combat Team Apr 52-Mar 53

14th Battalion Combat Team Mar 53-Apr 54

2nd Battalion Combat Team Apr 54-May 55

Casualties                         92 KIA                 356 WIA

Five BCTs served in Korea.  Only the 10th was designated a Motorized battalion.  The Americans promised, but did not deliver, its Sherman tanks.   Instead, its Recon Company received the Chaffees.

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